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As I shared last night on Facebook, the mask ordinance for Lexington was abruptly suspended, effective immediately. At the last Town Council meeting regarding masks, the ordinance extension was based primarily on the request of a hospital official, polling 4% of the town’s population, and sanctimonious pontification about loving thy neighbor.
So, the sudden suspension of the ordinance leaves a few questions unanswered:
  • Did the hospital official suddenly change his mind?
  • Have we re-polled the 4%?
  • Are the members of council no longer adhering to Christ-like love?
  • Where are the months of numbers and new data which allegedly needed to be reviewed before considering a reversal?
Regardless of these unknowns, I’m supremely grateful for the final outcome. But if there was one benefit to these mask mandates, it was in exposing the hypocrisy and weakness of government at a local level. Leaders don’t make policies based on dishonest data, guilt trips, corrupt systems, and compromised contracts — they base policy on truth, and the preservation of freedom.
This was never about science. This was never about stats. This was never about love for others. This was about power, and image, and bowing to whichever way the wind blows. And at the end of the day, no mask could conceal the ugly truth behind that pretty plastered facade.
I’m thankful for all my fellow patriots who supported one another in our efforts to stand and fight for freedom, regardless of the endless judgement, slander, ridicule, and hate. May this trial we endured forever establish and propel us to be the change we need to see in our community.
And may we never forget the importance of our vote.