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The Portofino Cup (Originally published 3/28/23)

The Portofino Cup (Originally published 3/28/23)

What a whirlwind weekend! After not competing (or even dancing) for 3 years, and John being off the floor for 5, we accepted a last-minute invitation to compete with a showcase routine at the exclusive Portofino Cup in Portofino, Italy.




We’re still on cloud nine in shock and disbelief, and so thrilled to be bringing back the gold to our wonderful family, who fully supported and encouraged us in this venture, and who sacrificed their time to hold down the fort in our stead.


John had the idea for this Pink Panther routine YEARS ago, so to watch it come to life on an international stage is beyond a dream come true.


A special thank you to my coach, Andrea Zaramella, for his tireless instruction the last few weeks to get us ready in record time, and for fully believing in us the entire way. I also had the honor of partnering with Andrea in the VIP Pro-Am Showdance. The electricity of being back on the floor in the company of world champions is a feeling I won’t ever forget.


I thank God for opening new and better doors to make a way for me to do what I love again, and for providing us with the energy, focus, and time in our already busy schedule to see it through.


Faithful is he who calleth you, who also WILL DO IT.