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New WHO Guidelines and Corruption Exposed

New WHO Guidelines and Corruption Exposed

New Regulations For Test Cycles

If a farm girl from Lexington who works as a glorified sandwich maker has understood and preached for almost a YEAR about the sensitivity of Covid test cycles, then please explain why the almighty World Health Organization is only JUST NOW releasing new guidelines on reducing test cycles to ensure more accurate results?


The timing of these new guidelines released the day of the illegal inauguration is no coincidence, and once again proves that this virus, however real, has been thoroughly harnessed for political gain.

Between this information, the pictures I’ve seen from the heavily maskless inauguration itself as well as CNN magically removing their “death toll ticker” as a fixture from their screen, Governor Newsom suddenly lifting California’s stay-home orders, Democrat-run states immediately reopening their restaurants, this charade is being exposed more and more every day

It’s time to take your lives back.  Stop treating corrupt people/media/organizations as gods of truth and wisdom, allowing them to control and suffocate your existence.

Furthermore, stop automatically dismissing the wisdom and research of your friends and family because they “don’t have a medical degree,” as you blindly allow your officials to enforce health-related mandates, when, likewise, they more often than not lack the same qualification.

Red Wave Incoming

And my word to the local officials here and across the nation who have provided ZERO scientific or logical evidence to back their destructive mandates, relying primarily on dishonest data and sanctimonious guilt trips:

You have being weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.  We the people have long-suffered your ignorant leadership and power-hungry spite, and we the people are done.  And you will either wisen up and join the new red wave of faith and freedom that is forming, or you will be crushed by it.

Patriots — don’t be the victim of these toxic relationships and suddenly forget the abuse we endured when the next election cycle rolls around.  Better yet, be willing to step up and fill those seats yourself.  Change begins at the local level, and we have to be the change we wish to see.

A new day is dawning friends.  The jig is up.