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Miss Lexington (Originally Published 3/14/23)

Miss Lexington (Originally Published 3/14/23)

Through and unexpected and interesting turn of events, I will be competing as Miss Lexington for the title of Miss South Carolina for America Strong.


Never did I think I would ever be in a pageant.  And yet, I’m so excited and honored to represent my town, and God willing, my state at Nationals.


My platform is First Amendment Primacy.


As a local business owner, I have become increasingly involved in efforts to create a vibrant business community in Lexington, as well as involvement with Town Council and county politics.


With the onset of Covid, it became abundantly clear how local government can directly affect the success or failure of local businesses.  It was then that I became much more involved in attending and speaking at local civic meetings.


In the course of this experience, I quickly realized how to free flow of ideas is not universally valued.  There were those in leadership positions who, in their desire to implement policies they believed would protect the public from the pandemic, south to squelch any debate, discussion, or ideas contrary to their own.


From this experience, I have gained a deeper understanding of why the founding fathers made the First Amendment first.  The rise of cancel culture and the demonization of those who hold opposing views presents a constant and direct threat to our basic freedoms, with unfettered speech being first and foremost.  One need only a cursory understanding of the history of totalitarian regimes — from Lenin, to Hitler, to Stalin, to Mao — to understand that free speech is the first victim of their reign.


Due to my personal experience of being financially and physically threatened merely for using my freedom of speech, I am purposed to vigilantly defend, cherish, and preserve our first American right.


I’m so incredibly thankful for this opportunity to have a voice on a stage bigger than my own local bubble.


Thank you all for your support!