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Injustice in Lexington: 2nd Town Hall Meeting

Injustice in Lexington: 2nd Town Hall Meeting

Here’s the video from last night’s town council meeting.

I just want to say how PROUD and HONORED I am to be counted among the many freedom loving patriots who took a stand against this blatant power trip from our local officials. And I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Todd Lyle and Todd Carnes for holding the line and voting against it as well.

I suggest the video be watched in its entirety, as there were many excellent and knowledgeable speakers present. But below are a few specific time stamps for the video:

• My speech: 25:00

• Steve Baker’s polling results, and the Mayor kicking my younger brother John out of the room for simply raising his hand to concur that he also hadn’t received any polling info in Golden Hills: 1:35

• My final comments: 1:58:40

At the bottom of this post I’m providing the transcript of my speech as well.

The council provided ZERO data to support the efficacy of masks, relying mainly on virtue signals, guilt trips, a request from a corrupt hospital official, and the results of polling 5 neighborhoods, which account for only 4% of the town population.

May the Lord continue to expose corruption and deception, and may He bring this town to HIS righteous order.


Good evening Council.

I’m here on behalf of our community to once again protest the impending mask mandate.

Masks don’t work. Throughout the YEARS of studies about them (long before Covid), the data shows that they are ineffective at preventing viral transmission. Even the most GENEROUS of recent studies admit the data is “inconclusive.” Inconclusive means there was no conclusion, which means there was little to no difference, which ultimately means they don’t work.

They are, however, extremely effective in causing many negative side effects when worn for long periods of time in unsterile environments, and with unsanitary application. It’s a bacterial nightmare. Not to mention the long-term mental, emotional, and physiological harm caused by such inhumane muzzlement.

We’re in cold and flu season. People are getting sick, as they ALWAYS do this time of year. The difference is, the majority of these cold and flu cases are now being hailed as Covid. How wonderful that after all these years, we finally found a cure for such common, reoccurring illnesses.

To continue enforcing harmful and ultimately futile measures to combat a virus boasting a 99% survival rate is not only unscientific, it is blatantly absurd. And it reeks of manufactured hysteria from those who may have underlying motives of financial gain, or power.

On December 9th Mayor Pro-Tem Hazel Livingston called me to discuss the mask ordinance. She’s always been willing to hear both sides, and during our conversation, she asked to speak to my friends in the medical field who share my views on this issue. Though one declined for dread of becoming a target, many others called or wrote. One, a doctor at Lexington Medical, called Mrs. Livingston and gave an opposing account from what Mrs. Livingston had received from hospital officials, as well as his opinion on the inefficacy of masks.

It’s common knowledge that doctors at LMC are expected to toe the line. This doctor didn’t speak of this conversation to anyone but me. And, according to Mrs. Livingston, the ONLY people she shared his testimony with was the Council. However, a few days later, this doctor received a call from his superior at the hospital telling him to immediately contact Mrs. Livingston again and RETRACT his opinion.

The implication is clear. This is the equivalent of witness intimidation, and it is a BLATANT suppression of free speech. And if this incident doesn’t plainly prove to EVERYONE that this virus has been politicized, then they are WILLFULLY blind.

We are in a dark and divisive time in our nation. This pandemic has proven that. There are some who are sincere people that have been misled into irrational fear. But there’s also a small but implacable mob bent on perpetuating that fear, and vilifying others who merely want the freedom to do what they equally feel is best for their health.

What the people of Lexington need from our local elected officials is the perception to see past the politics and propaganda, and the wisdom to recognize the false narrative repeatedly regurgitated by the media, and other sources of fabrication and data manipulation.

Allowing people the liberty to make decisions for their own health is a benign alternative to the aforementioned chaos and discord. But voting in favor of these baseless restrictions is a vote to ensure a divided, broken, and sick community.

We have a strong Christian tradition in Lexington — we are not the fearful and unbelieving of Revelation 21, and we don’t pander to pandemonium. Our God is not a God of fear, and deception. He is a God of peace, and truth.

I ask Council to vote on the side of truth, and to uphold the ideal of personal liberty upon which this country was founded. I ask you to favor freedom, regardless of the cries from those so willing to exchange it for the false sense of safety sold by power-hungry authorities.

For we know that power is never a means; it is always an end.

Thank you.