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IF My People

IF My People

This morning Mom and I were discussing the smug pride we’ve witnessed amongst some involved with the MAGA movement, and her following comment struck the nail bluntly on the head:

“Unfortunately you can be a full-blooded patriot and still be void of God.”

I’ve refrained from commenting on President Trump’s recent 2024 presidential bid announcement, mainly because I still believe The Steal will be undeniably exposed before then, making a second campaign a moot point. 

I continue to stand by the word the Lord gave me (which was confirmed by the prophets) of a “Red Sea Moment,” a divine rescue of historic and Biblical proportions — a far different scenario from man’s feeble attempts at a Republican red wave through an already corrupted party, patting ourselves smugly on the back bragging that “WE did it.”

Regardless, Trump’s announcement has done wonders to tag the remaining RINOS.  From politicians to political influencers and pundits, many are scurrying to jump what they incorrectly deem a sunken ship.  And honestly, I wouldn’t put it past Trump to have made his announcement for the sole purpose of exposing the remainder of these rats.

We knew in 2020 that the depths of governmental corruption were deeper than we ever imagined, and that it would take the hand of God to overturn it.  But instead of patiently waiting on the Lord (which scripture exhorts countless times), and preparing ourselves while we wait, many professing Christian conservatives have developed a faithless impatience, failing to recognize the Kingdom timeline and Trump’s Cyrus anointing, thinking rather that this battle can be won through strategic scheming, and political wile.

And it’s this same fearful and faithless impatience that caused Moses to strike the rock, a disobedience which, despite all he had done, ultimately prevented him from entering the promised land.

We aren’t going to save our country through belief in our “party.”

We aren’t going to save our country through faith in our efforts.

We aren’t going to save our country through hope in our votes.

And we certainly aren’t going to save our country through entitled hubris.

It was the lackadaisical slumber from the professing Church that caused our country to plummet to its current state in the first place.  Let’s not allow pride and Godless zeal to keep it there.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and seek MY face, and TURN from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
(2 Chronicles 7:14)