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Covid Common Sense

Covid Common Sense

After my last Facebook post asking my community to petition against the new impending mask ordinance, a member of council called me, and during the conversation asked if the likeminded medical professionals I know would offer their knowledge regarding Covid and the inefficacy of masks. Below is my follow-up email, with names excluded.

As a reminder, let me just make it clear that the use of masks makes absolutely no difference to my business. So the accusation of bias for monetary gain is moot.

My views on the subject come from a place of study, the American ideal of personal freedom, and my concern for the health of my family, friends, and community.

Letter to the Council Member

Dear {Council Member},

I wanted to give an update and let you know that several of my friends in the medical field either have already contacted you and the council, or will be doing so soon.

What is happening now is exactly what I predicted would happen when we talked a few months ago. We’re in cold and flu season. People are naturally getting sick like they do every winter. They’re being tested for Covid, and because the Covid tests are so inaccurate such that even the healthy can test positive, obviously those sick with the cold or flu are being tested positive as well.

Therefore, the hospitals are filling up, just like they always do this time of year, with the only difference being most cases are labeled as Covid. Apparently we’ve finally found a cure for the flu.

Next will be spring, another season when the common cold peaks, and people will get tested, and test positive. Then comes allergy season. Then cold and flu season again. It’s a never-ending cycle. To continue enforcing mask mandates based on inaccurate testing will only continue that cycle.

Those who wish to continue wearing masks until who knows when, should be free to do so. Those who don’t, should also be free to make that decision. Let people and businesses decide for themselves.

The tired argument that masks are no different than street lights, seatbelts, and smoke detectors is logically void. Those are PROVEN safety measures, which furthermore don’t cause any harm when implemented. Masks have zero proven efficacy, and on the contrary have many adverse side effects to the wearer when being worn for such long periods of time, with unsterile environments and application.

It’s not about inconvenience. This enforced muzzlement is causing many, many people mental, emotional, and physical harm. And psychologically, it’s causing our citizens to view one another as faceless, potentially infected and dangerous spreaders, rather than fellow humans and neighbors. It’s heartbreaking when I think about the long-term effects these measures will have in breaking the spirit of community.

I want to reiterate how political and lucrative this virus has become, so the information you are hearing from hospital officials may be biased. Furthermore, speaking out against the mainstream mask narrative makes doctors potentially liable, and many of them don’t want to risk it, nor risk being doxxed.

Sadly, one of the doctors I know declined to contact council, because he doesn’t believe council would listen to anyone in practice unless they’re at Lexington Medical Center (“big healthcare”), nor have the scope to see past the politics and propaganda, nor hear anything beyond the deafening cries of a very small but vicious mob.

{Another council member} texted me the other night asking if the rancor and ugliness I invite on my page is worth it. I reminded him that I neither invite nor participate in that ugliness, but I do speak truth, which makes me a target. Regardless, standing for truth is always worth it, and as Christians, it’s what we’re called to do.

We don’t make peace by ignoring the truth. By doing so, we simply perpetuate lies, deception, and darkness.

What you see on my board is exactly why many who agree with the truth don’t speak up. They neither have the time nor the fortitude to deal with the inevitable backlash and persecution from being publicly vocal. However, there is a conservative Christian uprising which, up until now, has been hesitant to speak out. But, they see the sign of the times. They’re gaining the courage to be beacons of light in the darkness no matter the cost, and it’s reflecting in their political participation. It’s what the church, and America, needs now more than ever.

We the people need strong leadership willing to stand for truth, and liberty. Unfortunately there are many citizens who are driven by fear, a false sense of virtue and power, and condemnation toward their fellow man. These mandates based on inaccurate data merely perpetuate that division in our community.

And where there is mandated division, there is never peace.

Thank you again for your willingness to listen and have open dialogue. Have a good day, and I hope to see you soon.


Sarah Grace