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Capitol Punishment: One Year Later

Capitol Punishment: One Year Later

A few nights ago I watched the documentary “Capitol Punishment,” which examines the events surrounding January 6th, and the days following.  It’s available for digital download, and I highly recommend everyone watch it.  You can view it here.

Coincidentally, that title is the same as my post from last year, which detailed my eyewitness testimony from that day.  What I don’t find a coincidence, however, is how precisely similar so many testimonies are of the events that day, and the events leading up to it.  Watching the interviews, it amazed me how so many of the participants claim they felt led by the Holy Spirit to attend, with many (like us) not even deciding to go until a day or two before.  We were compelled.

It is undeniable to me now, just as it was to me then, that our presence that day was a move of God, for a greater purpose than we’re even yet fully aware. 

In fact, one of the prophets just recently received a word from the Lord confirming this to me.  The Lord says He CALLED His people, His Remnant, there that day.  And what looks like a curse now, will ultimately be unwrapped to reveal a gift.  Namely, our presence was a present.

To many, it has certainly felt like a curse. 

Watching the interviews of innocent law-abiding citizens being terrorized by the FBI in their homes, arrested and jailed for merely being there, or for walking onto grounds Capitol security guards invited them to cross.  Some are still awaiting their court dates, facing years of prison time.

I know for me, the scrutiny hasn’t stopped, even a year later.  After countless attempts to defame me and cancel my business, internet trolls continue to tirelessly harass my social media pages, wishing me to be raped and murdered in prison before then rotting in hell.  I’ve lost friends and business colleagues, and those I haven’t lost completely don’t want to be publicly associated with me for fear of potential backlash.  A modern-day Scarlet Letter.

And this is exactly what the radical Left had planned. 

The Regime wants nothing more than to instill fear into those who dare question the narrative, who dare protest The Steal.  That’s precisely why no major media news network covered the event in the first place, or even bothered to ever mention just how many people were there — they don’t want you know that an estimated 2-3 MILLION people from across the COUNTRY were upset enough about the fraudulent election to gather in DC that day.

Furthermore, they want to pit Americans against each other.  It’s the classic tactic of divide and conquer.  We’ve seen it with the attempted race wars, most recently with George Floyd’s death and the ensuing deadly BLM riots across the country.  We’ve seen it with Covid, with neighbor attacking and accusing neighbor for not wearing masks, not being vaccinated, etc., trying to ruin businesses for simply choosing freedom of choice over Fauci’s latest pedantic propaganda. 

And again after January 6th we saw smear campaigns all across social media, labeling peaceful protestors as “domestic terrorists,” with billboards being posted across the country asking people to report their family, neighbors, and friends.

It’s basic psychological warfare.  And too many are so wrapped up in their signaled supposed virtue to even SEE that they’re simply a pawn in this grand scheme of destruction, and the dismemberment of our nation.

I remember being in school and hearing about the horror stories of people being reported by their friends and family in Nazi Germany, and I never understood how a society could reach a point to have such heartless disregard for their fellow man, being even GLAD and PROUD of themselves for aiding in their demise.

I didn’t understand then, but I understand now.  It’s a chilling reality no longer sequestered between the pages of history books.  We’re living it.

However, I know by the Spirit that the tide is about to turn.  The Lord has not forsaken this One Nation Under God, nor the Remnant that has interceded on its behalf.  And there is a Great Awakening happening around the WORLD, with MILLIONS standing up and speaking out against this globalist, totalitarian rule.  You’re not seeing it in the mainstream media because the opposition doesn’t want you SEE and to KNOW that they’re losing.  They’re falling apart at the seams, grasping at their last ditch efforts of control, trying to keep us locked down in ignorance and fear.

It’s.  Not.  Working.

So give a shout to God for all He has done, all He IS doing, and all He’s about to reveal, and PRAISE Him in the midst of persecution.

Because they can mock, they can sneer, they can report, arrest, cancel, and block.  But our God is already ten moves ahead in this game they’re trying to play, and spoiler alert!  It’s checkmate, baby.

And to those who continue to harass my pages:

  • First, the FBI already came to my house and interviewed me, about a week after the Fedssurrection.  So you can stop tagging them in the comment section of every post I publish lol.
  • Second, if you think your vicious threats of arrest strike fear into my heart, you clearly don’t know me at all.  I would consider it an HONOR to be counted with those throughout history, Scripture, and now, who were wrongfully imprisoned merely for speaking the truth, and standing for freedom.  And to be honest, I think the more innocent people that are arrested, the stronger this Christian populace movement will become.

Lift your head brothers and sisters — it ain’t over yet. 

Stay humble, but stay loud.  Stay gentle, but stay fearless.

Do not give in.
Do not give up.

We’ve already won.