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Announcement (Originally published 3/31/23)

Announcement (Originally published 3/31/23)

As of tomorrow, April 1st, I will officially be accepting clients as a freelance photographer.


Whether your needs are casual photoshoots for your social media, portraits, prom/formal, family photos, business/product promos, engagement, birthdays, baby, bridal, etc., I’ll be your girl.


I first picked up a camera when I was a young teen. It started as a mere curiosity, then became a casual hobby, and after honing my skills over the years and being the default photographer at events for friends and family, I started getting serious inquiries and offers from others.


So, after much encouragement from my circle, and at the risk of looking like yet another “Millennial chick who thinks she’s a photographer” lol, I’m finally taking a step to make my services available.


My starting rate will be $100 for 1 hour, which will include unlimited outfit changes, access to all unedited images, and final edits tailored to YOUR aesthetic/style/personality. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients, and styling their shoots according to their own vision and brand, whether it’s vintage, boho, bright and preppy, classically modern, or anything in between. At the end of the day these are YOUR photos, not mine, and they should be an authentic reflection of you.


So if you’re interested or intrigued, feel free to message me with any inquiries, and I look forward to getting you on the books!


Let’s make you shine.